NRHA has made some relevant changes to memberships and how you obtain them:

*   Exhibitors are no longer allowed to show with a General Membership. General memberships are good for Owners and Nominators. If you are planning on showing in an Open class, you must have a Professional, Non Pro, or Youth membership. An Associate membership is still acceptable for Category 10 (i.e., NRHA green reiner) classes only.


*   Members may now renew online. Because of this, there will be a new $30 rush fee to all memberships that are being done at shows (exception, new members).


NRHA has changed some of the earnings caps for various classes.  (See www. Changes will also be posted at the show office.

If you are going to enter NRHA classes, PLEASE include copies of the owner’s and rider’s 2015 NRHA cards with your entry when you mail in your entry.  If you do not have your 2015 NRHA membership yet, there are several options to obtain one.  You can go directly to the NRHA website and sign up for your 2015 membership online right from the home page, and you will receive a confirmation immediately via email. You can also purchase your membership from the show secretary, however, please note that as of 2015 when you buy your NRHA membership at a show, it will cost you $30 extra. To avoid that extra cost, renew your membership directly online with NRHA.

 The various types of membership cards need the following verbiage on them:  If you are an open rider your card MUST say GENERAL PRO (NOT just GENERAL). If you are a Non Pro rider, your card must say GENERAL NP.  If you are ONLY showing in youth, your card must say YOUTH and if you are a youth wanting to show in Rookie or Non Pro classes, your card must say YOUTH NP.  If you are an owner, your card ONLY needs to say GENERAL.

The horse being shown also needs a competition license (in NRHA classes only).  Please include a copy of that license when you mail your show entry.  If your horse does not have a license, please download the competition license form from the NRHA website and include it, along with a photocopy of the horse’s papers.  You can fill out the credit card info on the bottom of the form to pay for the license or include a check made out to NRHA for $60.00 that is separate from the entry check for your entry fees.

If you need to transfer your horse’s license, contact the secretary to obtain the info you need to take care of that.

The more of this type of paperwork that is taken care of BEFORE the show, the quicker you will be able to get your show number and not have to spend time at the office

If you have questions, my email is

Happy show season!

Deb Fortner, WRHA show secretary